Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Busy Weekend!

Well, I know I have used this blog post title before, but it really was a busy weekend! I traveled to Edmonton for a dog show, and to bring home my new puppy. I left here Thursday afternoon, and didn't get back until Monday afternoon. I brought Grace with me, but left Farley at home to keep my parents company.

Thursday night Jackie and I ran to Wal Mart to get a few things, and to stock the trailer with pop and snacks. We visited with some breeders that drove up from Washington, and had a VERY fun supper at Humpty's (I will never forget the question "What is a humpy banger?" as long as I live!) We got back to the trailer and headed to bed at a decent hour.

Friday morning we got up and went to West Edmonton mall for a bit, as well as making a pit stop at G&E Pharmacy (which sells pet supplies at awesome prices - on Edmonton's south side). In the afternoon I put Grace through her paces at the Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) test, and I'm proud to say that she earned her first title! What a good girl she was! The tester just about ran her over with a bicycle at one point, and it didn't phase her one bit! Friday night was the Puppy Sweepstakes for our Specialty, so I ring stewarded for that. It was fun. After the Sweeps we went out for a late supper, which was very fun again.

Saturday was a busy day - I had to groom a dog for Jackie and then prep another dog that I was showing for a friend. I showed a female in the morning for a handler that was injured and managed to go Reserve to the girl points, which was a big deal for this 6 month old puppy that showed like a CHARM. She was such a pleasure to show! Saturday afternoon was the specialty, which took a couple of hours. It was fun - I think people enjoyed themselves. Saturday night was the dinner and auction, and it was a fun time for all. MOre fun for some than others . . . not naming names, just commenting on the fun that some people had LOL Some of us (them?) may have even paid for the fun a bit the next day LOL

Sunday was busy for me, as I had committed to judging two classes for the specialty Junior Handling. I've never judged before, but have always wanted to, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope to do it again in the future. I also got drafted to show that 6 month old puppy for the injured handler again in the Specialty. She did very well with me (as she had done the previous day with Jackie, who was pinch handling), and I had a blast showing her. I have to say, I've never won so much at a specialty, and it was a pretty good feeling! Then Jackie and I packed up the trailer and went back to her place. We got to play with the puppies, HAVE SHOWERS, and just relax. We were both very tired.

Monday I drove home, new puppy in tow. So far Mr. Jack-Jack is settling in just fine. His confidence level goes up by the minute, and he is charming everybody here left, right and center. I'm enjoying him immensely. Farley's not thrilled, but he's not nearly as unhappy as he was when I brought Grace home. Mind you, Jack's not nearly as crazy as Grace was either. IN any case, we're settling into being one big, happy family.

Hope your weekend was great too!


Jackie said...

I wonder who had too much fun and paid for it the next day, poor them!!

Visichy said...

Wasn't me :) Glad you had fun.