Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Recovery Is Good

Considering the great amount of trauma that Jack-Jack went through last night, I thought there might be some residual effects. Nope, not in the least! Tonight he's as feisty as ever - perhaps even more so! He's played hard with Grace several times tonight, has played major tug-of-war with the braided fleece rope toy, and ran around the yard like his hiney was on fire. Maybe now that he's safely removed from puppy class, he feels big and strong? In any case, I like this puppy - he's much more fun than the soft, whimpering puppy I was exposed to last night.

On another front, the Northern Alberta region is going through a MAJOR tent caterpillar infestation - they are forecasting about a billion of them in my region alone. Can you say EWWWWWW? They are everywhere - I step on them on the pavement and in the grass. I am flicking them off the deck, the garden bed edging, the garbage cans, and the yard furniture. Worst of all, Jack-Jack seems to think they're some Northern Alberta delicacy. Mom and I sprayed for them on Sunday morning, but I think the rain washed the spray away, so we're going to have to spray again. Our spraying is very limited, though, because the spray is toxic and I have to be careful where we apply it so that the dogs aren't at risk.

As we were spraying on Sunday morning (garbed in long sleeved and legged clothing, with safety glasses and gloves on), I felt like that scene from "Good Morning Vietnam" where the general walks out onto the beach and says "I love the smell of napalm in the morning." Tell me, is that scary?

Off I go to wage more war on the millions of tent caterpillars taking up residence in our yard. Wish me luck!


Weeza said...

Eeeuugh!! Caterpillars are so gross.

P.S. I laughed at your story of Jack in you last post, being ornery at puppy kindergarten. We love that our pets have personalities, most of the time... ;-)

Visichy said...

Ewwwwwwww! Vicky doesn't do caterpillars! Please kill them all before they migrate south LOL.