Sunday, June 22, 2008

SPCA Dog Jog

So today the local SPCA hosted their semi-annual Dog Jog (I think it's semi-annual, I know it used to be). I was planning to take Grace with me, since she's so friendly and outgoing, but I think she's starting her heat cycle today, so I didn't want her out in public. So I decided to take Jack. Given how timid he can be, I knew it would be good for him, if it didn't scare the living daylights out of him. He's improving daily, so I figured it wouldn't be TOO bad.

We got there and I registered, and Jack was whining a bit, but not putting his tail down or backing off. So far so good! We watched the agility demonstration (done by the lady that owns the training school we go to), and that was a lot of fun. Then we did the actual walk. I think it was about 3km, I don't know the distance. He trucked along the ENTIRE way, happy as a clam. We walked with a Border Collie (gorgeous dog!) and a large Black mixed breed (VERY sweet!). Jack was absolutely fine with them, he didn't make a peep. He got petted by a bunch of people, and handled it really well. I am SOOOO proud of this little man!

There was a barbecue, so I got to have a hot dog and a rootbeer, and Jack got some nice cold water and a big cookie. We visited with some people, and then headed home. It was a really nice event, and we both enjoyed ourselves. He's STILL tired, but I'm glad it went well for him.

On another note, the idea was tossed out that I teach some Rally Obedience classes. Wow! I was honoured to be considered, and I hope it comes to fruition. I think it would be a LOT of fun! I don't know that I'm really qualified, but since I'm one of the only people in Fort McMurray that has competed, I guess that's more qualifications than anybody else has. So we'll see what happens in the fall.

Hope your weekend was excellent!

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Visichy said...

Way to go Kelly and Jack. Can you come down to Lethbridge on a weekly basis to teach the rally-o class? The only obedience instructor down here is less than ideal :(