Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Pup At Heart

So, my girl Grace will be 2 in August. For many dogs, this is when they start to mellow a bit and sleep from time to time. I think Grace missed getting that memo from above, because she is most definitely still a puppy at heart. She will run laps and laps around the yard, which I call her "puppy zoomies." She will chase beams of light until she's half dead from exhaustion, and even then she's reluctant to stop. She loves to chew, and gets herself into trouble every now and then by chewing on the kids' toys and shoes. Apparently kids' shoes are a delicacy unto themselves . . . something I would know nothing about.

She also provides me with many reasons to smile and laugh. Even when she's getting in trouble, this dog is wagging her tail and waiting for the lecture to be over so she can get back to playing. This dog never complains about being in the crate or otherwise confined, she just makes the absolute most of her time out of the crate. She loves new people, and I recently discovered that she has the patience of a saint when a baby is pulling her hair out by the fistfull. She was certainly raised right by her breeder - nothing phases her at all!

So every now and then there comes along a dog that just won't grow up. Sort of like Peter Pan, although I'm not sure he ever ate kids' shoes. Grace is one of those dogs. Just a pup at heart.

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Visichy said...

Awwwww, that was very sweet :)