Friday, June 27, 2008

Stuff You Don't Know About Me . . .

Okay, I must admit, I stole this blog idea from both Vicky and Weeza . . . thank you for the idea ladies! I've been short on inspiration lately, especially since I have a puppy to play with. Blog . . . puppy. Blog . . . puppy. Tough choice - or not!

1. I will eat peanut butter cups and Kashi granola bars, but I HATE nuts in desserts, salads or on chicken. I will not eat those things with nuts. It's just easier to tell people I'm allergic than to deal with the questions.

2. I do NOT eat fish. YUCK! Well, except for Basa fillets. Everything else is gross. Salmon is included in the yucky list.

3. I hate flying in airplanes, which is funny when you realize that I fly several times a year. It makes me nervous and feel sick to my stomach.

4. I have road rage. Oh wait, if you've ever been in a car with me, you already know that ;) I don't ram into other drivers, but I have gestured and hollered.

5. I love attending live hockey games, but get totally bored watching it on TV.


Visichy said...

LOL. I already knew #4. Funny about the flying since you do it so often :)

Weeza said...

Lol. Confessing is fun. :-)