Sunday, June 15, 2008

Busy Weekend (Take 3)

It seems like I use this blog post title fairly often - I wonder if that is a sign of having too much going on? But in this case, it has been a very pleasantly busy weekend so far.

Friday night was quiet, thank goodness. We had a good supper (Mom made pork chops in mushroom soup, baby potatoes and peas), spent some time chatting, and then went to bed. Mr Jack-Jack slept ALL night, and even let me sleep in on Saturday morning! What a good puppy - he's fitting in very nicely. Saturday Mom and I ran errands in the morning. She wanted some vegetables and herbs for the garden, so we went and got those, as well as stopping off at Superstore to get some big planters for everything. We assembled the bed frame for her king-sized bed, and did laundry. Terribly exciting, I know.

Saturday night was great fun - I went with my parents and a family friend to an Opimian Society dinner ( The Opimian Society is a club for people that enjoy wine. They offer between 6 and 8 meals a year, and each one has an exquisite menu. Last night it was Creole Cooking - Down The Lazy River. The food was unbelievable; absolutely scrumptious. We had Tempura soft shelled crab, Atchafalaya Alligator, Frogs' Legs and succotash. Everything was delicious. I can't wait for the meals to start up again in the fall!

This morning I went for 9 holes of golf with my Mom and a family friend. It was cool and damp, having rained through the night, but we discovered that this is near ideal weather for golfing. Not too hot, and not too buggy either. None of us was golfing very well, but we sure had a good time, and everybody made some lovely shots.

This afternoon I gave Jack-Jack a trim with the clippers, and am sitting down to write my monthly article for the Cocker Classic. Nothing like writing it the day it's due, heh? But that's always been my style. Grace could really use a good grooming later on, and laundry is ongoing.

So a busy weekend, but a fun one. Hope your weekend was great too!

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