Monday, June 09, 2008

Lucky . . . or not so much?

Well, for the past week I've been thinking that I needed to look into a Puppy Kindergarden class for Jack-Jack. Although I can manage the training aspect on my own, the socialization aspect is invaluable. And attending a class keeps ME on track for teaching manners to my furkids. However, I kept forgetting to email the lady that runs the training school in town. Today, I finally remembered to email her. Lucky for me, I was able to get into the current session, which started today!

I knew that Jack wasn't quite ready for puppy classes yet, since he's not been on a leash much. But I didn't want to lose the opportunity, so I took it and signed up for the class. What an adventure!

First of all, he was NOT thrilled about the car ride, although he did fairly well. A few French Fries from McDonalds helped make it a more pleasant ordeal. Second of all, he was NOT impressed with the whole collar and leash thing. In fact, when I tried to pull him by the leash, he screamed bloody murder! Everybody quit talking and stared - that was fun. I'm pretty sure the instructor was trying to see if I was discreetly pinching him LOL

He handled the class aspect very well . . . he worked very nicely for me, and picked up on everything I was asking him to do. Cockers really are intuitive, intelligent dogs! But for the play portion of class, he wanted nothing to do with the other small puppies. Nevermind that he was the biggest of the small dogs, as soon as that terrifying Chihuaha came close, he tucked tail and ran. Oh well . . . he can't be totally perfect, right? With all of the wonderful things he has going for him, a bit of timidity at the first class is small potatoes.

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Visichy said...

There is a big lesson there.... McD's french fries make EVERYTHING more bearable LOL