Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Something for everything

I was going to title this post "Another one of my favourites" but I think that post title has been used too much lately on my blog. So, I thought of something else appropriate . . . since the "food" I am about to discuss really DOES go with everything!

That "food" (which is in quotation marks since I'm not really sure it's the right word) is maple syrup. Nectar of the Gods for sure! The real stuff is best, but even Aunt Jemima will do in a pinch. Yesterday a good family friend brought a HUGE jug to the house. Her sister's husband's family makes it and sells it, and so she got some for us, because she knows my dad and I LOVE it. I was so excited I was almost giggling :)

I love it on breakfast sausages, ham, scrambled eggs and pancakes or french toast or waffles. I'm sure it's equally as good on all other types of food, I just haven't tried the combinations yet.

For those of you that don't love maple syrup, I really, honestly think you're missing out!


Visichy said...

I would not call myself a syrup connosseur (mostly cus I can't spell that word LOL). However, when I have french toast or waffles I actually do enjoy it when the syrup migrates over to the sausages on the far end of the plate. There is something about fried pork and sugary maple goodness that is strangely comforting and yummy.

Anonymous said...

Try it on vanilla ice cream!!!