Friday, May 09, 2008

Small Pet Peeve

So, I work for a company that is situated about 40km (roughly 25 miles) north of the city. The company is generous enough to provide bussing to and from work. The bus ride ends up taking anywhere from 45 to 55 minutes, depending on traffic. There are several busses that do various routes within the city. Folks that have been working at the plant for a while understand bus etiquette . . . we disembark in rows, starting at the front, we talk quietly (if at all) in the mornings, you check with the person behind you prior to fully reclining your seat. Most of the time, bus-riding is a congenial, relaxing experience.

But once a year, the idyll is shattered by the influx of summer students. Don't get me wrong, most of the summer students are great, and many of them contribute a lot to the company. But it appears as though a lecture on bus etiquette is required during orientation. They race to the front of the bus to get off first, they slam their seats back without looking, and they yak on their cell phones (rather loudly, often) for the entire ride. For the first few weeks of May, the adjustment period is a bit painful for us "veterans."

So it's a small pet peeve, but being that it's the first week of May, it has recently surfaced again. I promise, I won't complain about it again. At least not until next year ;)

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Anonymous said...

That would bug me too. Complain as much as you like.... blogs are great for that :)