Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pondering . . .

As I'v been getting ready for my trip to Vegas, I've been thinking about one of the strange things that women have been doing for many, many years. Removing all hair from the legs. I don't understand it, really. And whose idea was it to start waxing legs? Goodness, but it HURTS! I mean really, why is it necessary to pull the hair out by the roots?

There are benefits to waxing, for sure. Once you get on a routine, the hair comes in lighter and finer. It lasts for a while, unlike shaving, which has to be repeated quite often. The legs feel smooth and you don't get that stubbly feeling. But still, it hurts like heck!

Yes, I waxed today. Did my legs and did my mom's as well. We purchased a wax pot and stuff a few weeks ago, so that we could save money over time, and do it ourselves. I have a friend that is a trained esthetician, and she taught me the proper procedure. Still, it hurt. No matter how good you are, pulling anything out by the roots is bound to be uncomfortable.

So I pondered traditions, and what made women decide this was a good idea. Anybody know the history of it?


Anonymous said...

Not sure of the history of it... but it does hurt like HELL!!! Although I have to admit that I love it once it is done and the sting has gone away!

Visichy said...

I don't know the history of waxing but I know women started shaving their legs after pantyhose were invented. But women who couldn't afford pantyhose still wanted the look so they shaved their legs and drew a line up the back of their legs to simulate where the seam was in the old style pantyhose. I remember a teacher in junior high told my class about that. I can't tell you much that I learned in junior high but I remember that story LOL.