Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Learned Something New

I've been grooming dogs for about 9 years now. I've done a lot of dogs, and I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about the whole thing. For my breed of dog - the American Cocker Spaniel - I use a heavy duty dryer on a stand. It blows significantly more air than a regular human blowdryer, and I can use variable heat settings. About 8 years ago, I bought a second-hand stand dryer made by Edemco. I didn't pay any more than $100 for it (new ones go for about $700 depending on the model), and it was already about 20 years old at that time. It worked like a charm, but in the fall of 2007 I decided that I needed something stronger. So I ordered a brand new dryer with my bonus money from work.

I ordered the Edemco F7001, which is one of their top of the line models. I got a good deal on it, and I was super excited about it. It had variable air flow control and variable temperature control. I really wanted both of those features, because it's nice for grooming puppies and adults.

I got the dryer, set it up, and began using it. I played around a lot with the temperature control, but couldn't quite figure out how to work the air flow control. I put it out of my head.

Last week an online friend was asking me about my dryer, because she wanted to buy one. She pointed out to me that it should have air flow control as well as temperature control. That tweaked my memory . . . but I still couldn't figure out how to make it work! Today I was grooming a Sheltie for a family friend, and I played with the air vent cover on the side of the dryer . . . and voila! Now I can control the air flow!

So an old dog CAN learn new tricks!


Visichy said...

Glad you figured it out :)

Weeza said...

LOL, I love this story, and the pure delight you must have had in crafting your last sentence. :-D