Sunday, May 25, 2008

Countdown is On!

Life is just so exciting for me lately, it seems as though I always have something to count down to :) But this coming weekend is one of the more exciting things I have going on for the next few weeks. I'm getting a new puppy! His name is Jack (short for Jackpot) and he's a handsome buff baby that I'm getting from my very good friend Jackie. His dad was over visiting from Russia for a year, and his mom flew here from South Korea, so he's truly an international pup!

Next weekend is a big dog show in Alberta, and at the show are two Specialties, which are shows for Cocker Spaniels only. Jackie brings her nice travel trailer to the show, and we stay on site, which makes life a lot easier. This year the show committee even got pay showers, so we won't stink by the last day! (Vicky and Weeza, you know what I mean LOL)

Anyhow, it sounds like Jackie's husband will bring Jack to the trailer on Sunday, when the family comes to see a bit of the show. Then I'll bring him home with me on Monday. I can't quite imagine with Farley will think, but I hope that Grace will be thrilled to have a new playmate!

So . . . welcome to the family Jack! We can't wait to bring you home!


Jackie said...

Exciting for you, but we have to say goodbye to the little buff face here! :(

Visichy said...

Congratulations on your new baby. Good luck at the show :) Yeah, 4 dog show days is a lot without a shower LOL.