Saturday, May 24, 2008

Digging Out

So as I've posted before, my family consists of packrats. All of us suffer from this affliction. It might not sound serious, but that just means that you've never been to our place. We have STUFF. Everywhere. It's gotten to the point where it's stifling and slightly unsafe. I am tired of tripping over stuff or knocking carefully arranged piles of things over.

So today, I'm trying to dig out a bit. My bedroom is a household full of stuff crammed into a tiny room. It's very claustrophobic, and I think that anybody that's seen it would agree. I've gotten rid of one garbage bag of stuff already, and the day is only half over. Right now I'm taking a break . . . it's all fairly overwhelming. But hopefully by the end of today I will see some progress and feel better about my room.

If there are no blog posts for more than a week, send in the troops to dig me out!


Weeza said...

Good luck with the excavation! :-)

Visichy said...

You are doing a job that I hate. Wanna come here and do my house too? LOL