Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday

So here we are again, we've made it through 80% of the work week, and we're back to Thursday. I can't say that personally it's been a stressful week, since I haven't worked nearly as much as I normally do. One snow day, one day of packing, and one day of working from home because our offices are being moved to a new building, have added up to a lighter-than-average work week.

Today I'm grateful that my brand new niece (who will be 1 week old tomorrow!) is doing well, and isn't suffering from many of the ailments that preemie newborns commonly have. She was born 1 month early, so she's in the NICU for a bit, but other than some jaundice and a slightly underdeveloped sucking reflex, she's a healthy little girl. Given the health issues that her brother had when he was born early, it is a miracle that she is this healthy.

The miracle of life is really something to behold. This little baby is a perfect miniature, even compared to regular newborns. Her fingers and toes are so tiny and yet so perfect.

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Visichy said...

Congratulations on your new aunty status :) I'm glad the baby is doing well.