Monday, April 21, 2008

My favourite . . .

Okay, I thought I'd go back to favourites . . . so today I want to talk about my favourite time of year, which is spring time. I love that the sun makes longer and longer appearances with each passing day. I love the green grass, and the buds on the trees. I love seeing nature slowly wake up from its long winter slumber.

I most decidedly do NOT love winter. Especially not most of the way through April, which is a full month after the start of spring, according to my calendar. I do not love blowing snow, and drifts against the house that make opening the door tough. I don't love so much snow in the street that I almost get stuck on my way to work. I don't love brushing a foot of snow off my car in the morning, and I don't love the snow. Did I mention that?

Alberta is in the grip of a winter storm . . . a really nice, good one, with snow and wind and cold. All I want to do is curl up in bed and snooze . . . unfortunately my boss disagrees ;) So I'm here, wrapped in a sweater, with big slippers on, dreaming of hot soup and hot chocolate. Hope you're warm and cozy too!


Visichy said...

You wear slippers at work? I LOVE that idea. I wonder if I can find some that are nice enough that I don't have to be embarassed about going to the photcopier or bathroom in them. Surely they'll be more comfortable than my dress shoes (which I usually don't even bother changing into because they aren't comfy).

Kelly said...

No, I wrote that post from home LOL No slippers at work, as I don't think they fall in with our dress code