Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I was cranky this morning!

So, it finally quit snowing around 5pm last night, hallelujah! It also started to warm up, which has made the snow wetter and more compactable. Seems like that should be a good thing, but I disagree now.

Backed out of the driveway fine, because the neighbor's son shovelled it for us last night (I could have kissed him, but he's 16 and embarasses easily LOL). Got stuck in the street due to the depth of snow. The city is not plowing anything other than main arteries as it's supposed to warm up soon, and the snow should melt. I have a small car (Dodge Caliber) with front wheel drive. I rocked back and forth and managed to get going. Stopped at Safeway to get flowers for our Admin Assistant, as it's Administrative Professionals day today.

Saw that the parking lot had not been cleared, but figured it was no big deal. There were lots of tracks from people that had been there yesterday and earlier this morning. Hah! I got stuck right in the main laneway. Could NOT get out. I had 5 guys help me push the car out of the laneway, and there it sits, crossways in TWO angle parking spots. Hope those people don't want to park today!

Thanks to two wonderful co-workers, and one anonymous other person from my building, the car eventually got dug and pushed out, so that I could park in a cleared lot. It took about half an hour, a snow shovel, and lots of manual labour, but I was so grateful for the help. Now I'm home and heading to bed soon. I HAVE to sleep off this cold.

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Visichy said...

Sounds like you had good reason to be cranky.