Sunday, April 20, 2008

Farley is a GOOD boy!

So in January 2007, the Canadian Kennel Club added a new event for dogs to earn titles in. It's called Rally obedience, and it's sort of like a combination between certain elements of agility and obedience, leaning heavily towards obedience. It's meant to be an introductory stepping stone to traditional obedience. Handlers can talk to their dogs all the way through the course, and offer praise and encouragement. There are stations that you go through (heeling your dog in between) and do what's on the signs.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I showed Farley in 2 Rally trials in Red Deer. We'd never been to a class or played in a sanction match, but I had watched it in Philly, so I figured it wouldn't be too tough. Especially for a dog who's competed in regular obedience.

Our first trial was definitely for learning, as we lost a few points for doing stations incorrectly. But we learned from our mistakes (okay, MY mistakes) and we did much better in the second trial. Farley LOVED that I could talk to him, and I found it fun. On Friday we went to one more trial, this time in Edmonton. Farley was amazing, and he earned his third passing score to earn a brand new title, at the tender age of 8.5 years old. What a boy! He is now Ch Silverwood's Northern Light Am Can CD, RN, CGC.

I'm sure most of this reads like gobbledygook, but thanks for letting me share my pride!

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Visichy said...

WOO HOO!!! You go Farley-boy! Kelly will learn as she goes and you'll show her how it's done LOL :)