Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Gordon Ramsey (Spoiler below)

Yahoo! Hell's Kitchen is back and with a vengeance! I've only watched the first few minutes (I taped it last night because I was busy with other stuff), and already I'm feeling the vibe! The introduction was particularly amusing . . . it started almost like a fairy tale, with pretty music and a soft, pleasant voice. Then they introduce the big monster - Gordon Ramsey! It was perfect!

Now he's tasting the first meals that the aspiring chefs have made. Never in the three prior series of Hell's Kitchen have I seen him throw up, but this time he did. Several times. It was awesome! Not that I like to see people puke, but come on . . . that's not a good start for some poor schmuck!

I can only hope that the season continues on as it has started. I'm so glad that Hell's Kitchen is back!

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