Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Fabulous weekend!

Well, I know it's Tuesday and for most people, that means the weekend is a distant memory. But I had such a good weekend that I'm still glowing with the happiness of it.

I travelled to Devon to spend the weekend with my good friend, as well as to attend a dog show with my "old" guy Farley. In January 2008, the Canadian Kennel Club added Rally Obedience as an event that dogs can earn official titles at. It is like traditional obedience, but more fun and less stressful. Since Farley has been trained in obedience for years, I decided to take him out of "retirement" to see if he could earn a new title. He did me SO proud!

On Saturday he passed the trial, despite never having seen a Rally obedience course before. He trusted me, and worked like a little champ. I was so proud of him. Sunday he passed the trial again, and managed to earn the "bonus" win of High Scoring Cocker Spaniel in Rally (don't tell him that he was the only Cocker LOL). Two passes down, and one more to go, and this guy will have earned a new title at the tender age of 8.5 years old!

I had a fabulous time visiting with friends and watching dogs compete. There were some nice Cockers entered at this show, and everybody had a good time cheering each other on. A group of us went out for supper, and had a blast. This is what dog show weekends should be about! Camraderie and laughter and good dogs.

Hope you had a good weekend too . . .


Visichy said...

Congrats again to you and Farley. You guys make an awesome team :)

Weeza said...

That's awesome! :-)