Monday, March 31, 2008

Pleasant Surprise

Be forewarned that after reading this, you might think I'm a bit off the wall. Moreso than usual, I mean.

Last week I ordered a book in the mail, based on a recommendation from a magazine article. I really respect the person that wrote the article, so I thought I'd give the book a try. It's called "Best in Show" and it's written by Bo Bengston, who is very well known in the dog world, as a breeder, a judge and an author. Anyhow, since it wasn't very expensive (around $30 with my Chapters membership), I figured it would be a typical book, around 200 pages or so. Well, I could see the box in my mailbox as I pulled into the driveway, but I had NO idea how heavy it was! This book is almost 650 pages long! Which I personally think is a GREAT deal for about $30!

So, I was pleasantly surprised. It looks wonderful (after a quick skim) so I can't wait to dive in and read it!


Anonymous said...

Ooo... I love when things turn out better than you had expected. Let us know what you think of the book!

Visichy said...

Cool. What kind of book is it... a fictional story? A how-to-win-BIS book? LOL. Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy the heck out of it ;)

Kelly said...

It's sort of like a historical book about dog shows and stuff. Lloyd Alton (or Bill Gorodner) wrote about it in the March Cocker Natters column in the Classic.

Weeza said...

Long live people who love good books!! :-)