Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Canada Post

I have to say, I typically appreciate Canada Post and their services. As a regular buyer and seller on eBay, I make use of their shipping options with frightening regularity. I'm not quite a power-user, but I'm not too terribly far off. I have never had complaints about our mail carrier, because she is SUPER reliable. I used to just about be able to set my clock by her. I made sure to keep a path shoveled for her - since she's so good to us, I might as well return the favour.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, the letter carriers in my area went on strike (could quite possibly have been called job action, as I'm not sure it was a strike in the true sense of the word, although that's how it was worded in local media). They were off carrying for a couple of days, but then they were asked to return to work. It took almost an entire week for us to get any mail at all . . . and even a week after that, delivery was patchy, at best.

Now, I am left waiting for several "important" items. Things that are very important to me, although their total value might not be what some consider high in the true sense of the definition. I sure hope they come soon! And I hope we get our regular mail carrier back too. I miss her and her dependability.


Weeza said...

Hopefully you're not waiting for something like a live lobster to arrive in the mail. :-)

I'm sure things will get back to normal soon. I agree Can Post is usually really good about reliability.

Weeza said...

P.S. Check out the comments on my blog - Vicky posted some follow-up to the comments you left in my post about the broken tap. :-)