Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hey thanks!

I got a few replies to my request for inspiration - so thank you my friends!

I can't quite offer a review of the Canon Rebel XTi yet, as I'm still just using it on the Auto settings (it has several). From the pictures I've taken, I'm VERY happy with it. The pictures are crisp and clear, with lovely colour. I played around a bit with the long lens the other day (75-300mm) and was thrilled with the pictures I got. It's very easy to use, and I can't wait until the weather is really nice and I can be outside more, playing with it. If you're looking for a "mid-range" camera with SLR capabilities, this one is great value for the money, in my opinion. That being said, I haven't tried any other D-SLR cameras, so this is a biased review.

I just finished reading "World Without End" a couple of weeks ago. It's written by Ken Follett, and it's a follow-up to his famous book "Pillars Of The Earth." It's sort of a historical fiction type of book, that covers a span of about 75 years or so. The first book covers the building of Kingsbridge Priory (in Britain), and the second book covers a later period in the same village. Both are long books, but both are really enjoyable. I had trouble putting them down!

I'll end there, and not use up all of my inspired topics at once ;)


Visichy said...

Hey, where's the info on your favorite soup? I was so excited to read about it and.... nothing! Just some dumb info about a camera and a book. Like who cares about that? It's all about the soup... SOUP!!!!!!

And...... scene ;)
(hopefully that came across as humour and not a bitchy rant LOL)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! When you have played around with more of the settings I would love to know more.

Weeza said...

LOL, I came here (to the comments area) to say what a great post this was, but Vicky was so funny I have to laugh. Now I want to hear about soup too... I see the next message in your blog contains a soup reference so I'll go read that. :-D