Sunday, March 16, 2008


Since I was on a theme about my favourite things before my thankful Thursday post, I thought I'd talk about one of my favourite sports today. I do love dog shows (and I do consider it a sport, but so many people debate me on that point), but I also love curling. Not curling my hair - curling the sport! It looks so simplistic to people that don't watch it - throw rocks down ice and get them on the bullseye. But to those of us that are avid fans, we know that there is so much more strategy involved than that. The skip (team leader) has to think ahead, and try to figure out what his competitor is going to do. And there is a lot of math involved, as well as understanding the ice, and how it is affecting the movement of the rocks.

On Friday night I was watching a playoff game between Kevin Martin of Alberta (and his wonderful team mates) and Pat Simmons of Saskatchewans (and his great team mates). Although Kevin Martin's rink was outplayed by Saskatchewan, it was his understanding of the ice and his accurate prediction of what Pat would do that helped him win the game.

Tonight is the final of the Tim Hortons' Brier, which is the Canadian national mens' competition. Kevin Martin of Alberta is playing against Glen Howard of Ontario. It should be one heck of a game! I warn those of you that could possibly call - all phone calls, emails and text messages will go unanswered between 4:30pm and 7:30pm . . . my mind will be focused elsewhere!

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Visichy said...

I also find curling fascinating but I've never played it. I intend to change that in the fall as I plan to take up curling as an occasional evening activity.... Tim Horton's Brier 2009 here I come! LOL