Tuesday, March 04, 2008


So Alberta just elected the Progressive Conservative Part for a record 11th term in a row. While I think that's a nice win for the PCs, I'm wondering why only 40% of eligible voters turned out to execute their democratic right? Come on people, how can you complain about the government when you didn't even take part in choosing it? I'm sure this sounds like a pointless rant, but I hear people grumble about the government on almost a daily basis . . . so I would think that with the nunber of people complaining, voter turnout would have been better.

I didn't want to vote . . . it's a pain in the neck to go out when it's cold, vote, and then head home. But I did it, because it's a personal right I have. People went to war so that our country would be democratic, and so that we could elect our leaders.

I know that a rant on a random blog won't change things, but I just had to vent about it.

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Anonymous said...

Yep, bugs me too! There isn't even somewhere in Raymond that I can do it, so I have to haul my bum into Lethbridge, in the friggin blizzard we are having today, so I can. I don't mind voting, but today really sucked, especially trying to haul a 16 month old and a 2 and a half year old with me :) Oh well...