Monday, March 17, 2008

Curling Follow-Up

I am VERY proud to report that Kevin Martin, the skip (leader) of Team Alberta led his team to victory last night, in a narrow 5-4 win over Glen Howard and Team Ontario. Despite the excitement of the win, the game was played fairly cautiously, and wasn't all that exciting to watch. Often, finals games are full of risky draws and take-outs, but both teams strugged with the ice (the rocks weren't moving down the ice as they had all week), and that made the game feel almost mundane. Keep in mind, this is coming from an armchair curler - I couldn't DREAM of being as talented as these men are. As much as I enjoy curling, other than the occasional bonspiel, nobody will ever be watching ME curl. They might watch me fall, because that's entertaining on occasion, but my curling is not.

Oh, and Vicky, if you're aiming to play at the 2009 Tim Hortons' Brier (being held in Calgary), you may want to start planning the sex change now. The Brier is the mens' national championship. I think you'd be much more suited to the Scotties' Tournament of Hearts :)

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Visichy said...

ROFL. Thanks for clearing that up. I'd rather be sponsored by Tim Horton's (free coffee for all I'm sure) but I guess Scottie's has its uses. After all, who couldn't use another box of tissues in their home?