Saturday, March 08, 2008


Yes, that is truly the only word for what Mother Nature has given us today. The sun is shining to brightly I need shades (no really, I need shades!), everything is melting, and I can't get enough of being outside. I never thought I'd want to hear the sound of running water, and I never thought I'd be happy to see a muddy vehicle. But I am. After a long, hard, cold winter, spring is finally tempting us with a bit of her presence. It's supposed to stay above zero (Celsius) for the next few days. They're forecasting a dip in the weather next weekend, but hopefully that will change as the days go by.

Oddly enough, even with a glorious temperature of +9 today, I need to shovel the driveway. The issue isn't the daytime weather, it's the sub-zero temps we're getting at night. If I leave the slushy snow on the driveway, it freezes overnight to turn our driveway into a skating rink. It might be fun, but it's most definitely not safe. So, after I get off the computer, I will go outside and get rid of some more of the slushy snow.

Enjoy the weather folks!

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Weeza said...

Totally agree... except for frozen slush, this is a lovely time of year!