Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More favourites

I am really getting a lot of mileage out of this whole "favourites" thing! Thank you Vicky for suggesting it :)

With the famed Writer's Strike (over now, thankfully), a lot of my normal favourite TV shows have been on hold. I am in withdrawal from such great shows as NCIS, Grey's Anatomy, House MD and Brothers & Sisters. I can't wait until April, when they all start coming back on the air. It will be a momentous month! But, the strike has given me the opportunity to watch new shows - shows that are somewhat off the beaten path, and are just being aired on major networks as filler.

"Big Love" which stars Bill Paxton is about a polygamist and how he functions in the normal world (along with his 3 wives and their kids). The relationships within the family are explored, as is living "normally" and dealing with the church and their beliefs. It's on Thursday nights, and I think it is normally shown on HBO. I've gotten interested in the story, so I try to watch it.

"America's Most Smartest Model" is one of a plethora of reality TV shows that has cropped up to fill the void created by the strike. It is hosted by Ben Stein and a former model (her name escapes me right now). It is comprised of "smarts" and beauty competitions, and it's very entertaining. It's also on Thursdays, on CityTV. Definitely good for a laugh!

As always, TLC can be relied on to have quality programming. Now that Paige Davis is back on Trading Spaces, the show is more interesting again. This time around, the storylines of the people trading homes are featured as much as the re-designs themselves. Saturday nights on TLC are enjoyable with this show back to its former glory. Also of note on TLC are What Not To Wear (Fridays), Moving Up (Saturdays) and Flip That House (Saturdays).

I'm always open to suggestions for other new shows, so feel free to share your favourites!


Visichy said...

I agree that Big Love is very interesting. I'll have to rent season 1 as I have only seen some eps from season 2.

I was also very happy that Paige Davis came back to Trading Spaces (saw it in a commercial) but I haven't seen the show since she came back. I'll have to look for it in my TV Guide :)

Thanks for the acknowledgement of "favorites" ideas. May I suggest further topics in this thread include colour, breakfast cereal, salad, restaurant (I'm mostly about the food as you can tell LOL), and teacher in school.

Weeza said...

I can't wait for Heroes to return!