Friday, November 03, 2006

Softly Falling Snow

Today we are having softly falling snow where I live. You know, those beautiful big flakes that drift lazily to the ground and collect like nature's cotton candy. It's just so pretty, and I feel like I can enjoy it, since it's not too cold out. Although I don't normally love winter (I can't enjoy the cold, no matter how much I try!), I love it when the weather is so gentle and pretty like this.

Farley is not impressed. He was standing on the deck, giving me his best "I'm freezing" act, shivers and all. However, since it's not even ten below Celsius, I know he's fine. Grace, on the other hand, thinks it's great fun! She loves to walk around the backyard with her nose to the ground, letting the snow accumulate on her muzzle. Then she lifts her head and gives a mighty sneeze. I love watching dogs experience snow for the first time, it never fails to make me smile.

Tonight I'm going for dinner with some friends, and then coming home to snuggle in a warm bed with two dogs, and probably watch a good movie. Not the world's most exciting Saturday night, but I'll take it . . .


Visichy said...

Nature's Cotton Candy.... you are so poetic :)

Don't knock a movie and cuddling with dogs.... it's a GREAT way to spend a Saturday night! Give them a hug from me :)

Weeza said...

Sounds like heaven to me! :-)