Saturday, November 25, 2006

Winter Roads

So, I should be sleeping right now, but since I'm not driving tomorrow, it's not imperative. So I thought I'd post a quick note, because it'll be a few days before I can post again. I'm heading to Edmonton with a couple of friends from work, and I don't think I'll bring the laptop with me. I'd rather just have fun and not be tied to the computer. Shocking, I know. Hopefully I can survive the withdrawal symptoms!

I got my Finance midterm back, and am really pleased with my grade! Much better than I ever thought I'd do in a Finance course, so I'm pleased. Don't ask about the assignment grade - if I hadn't lost my motivation for school, the mark wouldn't have been so dismal. Oh well, I put much more work into the assignment we just handed it. Hopefully the grade reflects that.

Mother Nature is being cruel again - it's been snowing and blowing for a couple of days now. The city roads are brutal - very icy and of course the snowplows haven't been out yet. Not sure why they'd want to get out right away? It's more fun to watch people slide into the ditch for a day or two (NOT!). Anyhow, hopefully the highway isn't too bad . . . it should be better than the city roads. It'll be an adventure, anyhow.


Weeza said...

Be safe! Enjoy the trip.

Visichy said...

Vince and I went to Just For Laughs last weekend. One comedian was talking about doing his act in Fort McMurray.... where it was so cold it was actually fuck degrees outside ROFL. Your blog reminded me of that and made me LOL all over again ;)