Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Howloween!

So, tonight is the night for ghosts and goblins . . . and we've had our share of them tonight. I guess we've had about 35 kids come through, in all sorts of costumes. It's so much fun seeing the little kids come through, asking for candy and saying their thank you's. My two nieces came - what cuties! It was nice to see their costumes. And our family friends brought their kids too, and they had awesome costumes. I love seeing all the kids!

Farley's been barking and barking, so he's hanging out in my bedroom. He's still barking from there, but at least the kids aren't as afraid of him. Grace has been pretty brave - every time the doorbell rings she races to the door, and as soon as she sees the kids in costumes, she runs away. But at least she's running to the door - that's a big sign of bravery and attitude.

I hope everybody else has had an enjoyable All Hallow's Eve!

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Visichy said...

Awwwwww, cute little Gracie :)