Thursday, November 09, 2006

The new dog bed

So, the Sunday before Halloween, my mom and I took the girls to a "party" at the local Boys' and Girls' Club in town (they provide support for kids, through activities, etc). There as a silent auction going on at the same time, so I bid on a cute dog bed that was being offered. Then I forgot all about it, since we were busy with the kids and stuff. On Monday I got a phone call that I'd won the bed. Spent more than I ever would on a dog bed normally, but at least I supported a good cause. When I brought it home, Farley immediately claimed it as his own. So far he sleeps on it every chance he gets.

Wrote my midterm exam last night, and found it surprisingly understandable. That either means it went really well, or else it went horribly wrong. I hope it's the former, but I guess I'll find out in time.


Visichy said...

Cute bed. I hope Farley lets Grace share it once in a while :) Congrats on the good midterm... I'm hoping your mark reflects your good feelings :)

Weeza said...

Cute dog bed. And cute dog. :-)

Zeke said...

So cute and comfortable dog bed!! I'm just looking similar kind of bed for my pet!!