Sunday, November 19, 2006

And so it begins

After the busy week I've had, I guess the holiday season has officially begun around here. I've been out for TWO dinners, and am about to cry, looking at my schedule for the next few weeks. Concerts, dinners, parties . . . what is a girl to do? I only have one nice holiday outfit, which I can't be seen wearing twice in a row, so I had to order some pretty shirts from Sears. At least that way I can wear the black pants a few times. Need to get some nice shoes though, to really dress the outfit up.

School is busy too . . . assignments are keeping me on my toes, and of course, I have a big paper due on December 6th. If I was smart, I'd start it now (well actually, real brilliance would have meant starting it back in September), but I just don't feel enough pressure to get working on it. I didn't realize that procrastination was such an inborn characteristic! Maybe this week I will start writing, and see where that leads me.

And so the fun continues . . . another episode in the Life of Kelly!

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Weeza said...

Wow, you're quite the social butterfly! Enjoy the parties.