Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy Weekend!

I hope everybody had a wonderful Hallowe'en! Ours was pretty good. We got about 6" of snow yesterday (started in the morning and continued all day and throughout the night), so my mom didn't think we'd get many kids. However . . . she wasn't counting on the kids waiting ALL year for free candy! I knew we'd get a few. We got around 45 kids, lots of them wearing cute and clever costumes. Yes, most of the kids had their costumes over their snowsuits . . . we're used to that here in the Great White North . . . it happens regularly that we have snow before Hallowe'en.

The two younger dogs were in their crate with bones to chew on. I'm trying to clean their teeth without having to put them under anesthetic. Jack Jack has particularly yucky teeth - he was born with some kind of defect in his tooth enamel, so it attracts plaque like nobody's business. The bones are helping, I just have to keep it up. Farley was gated in the basement, but he could still see the doorway, and he barked at every kid that we gave candy to. I honestly think he enjoys it - that's his way of greeting them. Most of them were "impressed" with our vicious dog LOL None of them have the slightest clue what a teddy bear he is!

I shovelled the driveway last night (shared the job with my mom), and then did the deck and driveway again today. Good cardio exercise! Then I took the dogs for a walk through the snow - I think it's at least twice as much work slogging through the snow . . . but the dogs had fun, and I enjoyed the fresh air and exercise.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

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