Monday, November 16, 2009

Good News

This past weekend, in addition to seeing an off-Broadway production of A Chorus Line, I took Grace and Jack Jack to an eye clinic. Basically, breeders take their dogs to these clinics to ensure that their dogs are free of eye diseases like cataracts, retinal folds, extra eyelashes, etc. I go every year, but this year I was late getting to a clinic, because it seems like there aren't as many as there used to be.

Anyhow, bright and early Sunday morning I brought my kids to be examined by a CERF (Canine Eye Registry Foundation) certified vet. Both dogs tested absolutely normal - free of any eye defects at this time! Yahoo! That is me doing the happy dance, and breathing a sigh of relief for another year.


Visichy said...

That's fabulous, Kelly! I know it's both a source of pride and relief to have clear dogs :)

Brenda said...

Great news Kelly!!