Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Ankle Update

Yesterday I went to the doctor to talk about my sore ankles. I quit wearing my New Balance shoes a couple of weeks ago, and while I have noticed some improvement in my ankles, they are still painful. I still haven't found any rhyme or reason to when they're more painful ~ it doesn't seem correlated with the amount of time I spend on my feet. While I was at the dog show a couple of weeks ago, I expected to have very sore ankles, and I didn't. They were a bit sore, but not out of the ordinary.

Anyhow, after some discussion with the doctor, we decided that it was either the new shoes and the angle that they're putting my foot at while I walk, or else a combination of the walking and the shoes. Personally, I find it weird that the walking would just be bothering me now, when I've been at it since early June, but doctor knows best, right?

My doctor's recommendation is to take a break from walking, and then to slowly re-introduce the shoes, to see if they aggravate the ankles again. We did pinpoint the pain to the actual ankle joint, NOT the tendons or ligaments surrounding the joint. We talked about it being auto-immune or something like that, but then other joints would be involved.

I'm not keen on taking a break from my walks - I've done SO well at getting into a routine that I miss the walks on days I don't go. I'm still debating that advice (don't tell my doctor!). But I will re-evaluate the shoes and figure out if I need to get new ones. Again. Anyhow, just wanted to update everyone.

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Brenda said...

Is there a shoe store for runners near you? My daughter get's her cross country shoes at one an hour from us. They first had her (barefoot) get her foot wet and then walk on a brown paper bag to determine her arch and how she walks before fitting her with the right shoe.
Also, she is developing arthiritis in her left hip from a car accident last year, and her running makes it very painful. She has found that using Biofreeze or freeze it ointment on the joint feels sooooooo good for her.
I hope it starts to feel better soon, an ankle is a hard joint to feel pain in