Sunday, April 12, 2009


Normally I have my taxes done as soon as all of my receipts come in. But for some reason (perhaps being so busy I can hardly think!) I have been slow to do my taxes this year. I know I'm getting money back, because of my investments and donations, so there's no rush to have them done for any particular deadline. Anyhow, today I sat down with Intuit's QuickTax program and did my taxes.

I put everything in, and clicked on the review button, to see how much I was getting back. I almost passed out when it told me I had an amount payable in the multiple thousands of dollars!!!!!!!!!!! My mind was reeling and I felt sick to my stomach, trying to figure out how I would pay that. I called my mom into the room, and she very kindly (and without as much laughter as I expected) pointed out that I'd forgotten to fill in some boxes. Once those boxes were filled in, I realized that I was getting a refund. Phew!

Thank goodness for my mom, or I'd still be in shock, and looking for quick ways to make money.


Visichy said...

LOL! Big oops!

Brenda said...

I bet that put your heart up in your throat fast, I'm so glad your mom was able to help you start breathing again. I hate doing taxes as well. I always try and get them done as soon as possible. I figure the sooner I get my refund the better :)

Weeza said...

LOL! The only time I ever owed taxes at year end was once when I owed about $115. I was so miserable! I can't imagine your panic at having to pay thousands. Happily it worked out! :)