Thursday, April 09, 2009

Easter Rebirth

On a similar vein to my "Spring Glee" post, today I am writing about Easter rebirth. The topic is timely, given that Easter is on Sunday. The timeliness isn't really a coincidence (come on, I can't get anything past you guys!) . . . more because I really have not a lot else to post about right now.

Obviously, the holiday is celebrating the death and subsequent resurrection of Christ. The ultimate rebirth. But there is always rebirth taking place around is, in big and small ways.

It's springtime, so the grass, trees, shrubs and flowers are coming back from their deep winter sleep. Slowly (well, slowly for us here in the Great Filthy North), the snow and mud are going and the bright colours of spring are taking over. The hibernating animals (including me!) are waking up and going about their springtime rituals. Working off the winter fat and stretching limbs and joints. I see it in the dogs, too, who are happy to be outside for longer than it takes to pee.

Even in my own life, rebirth is happening. Things are changing. It's exciting and daunting, all at once. Change is always a little bit scary, but totally necessary for life to progress in a natural way.

Find some time to think about rebirth and how it is touching your life. And happy Easter, Passover, or whichever holiday you choose to celebrate.

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Brenda said...

I love spring for all the rebirthing that takes place. We have a set of Robins building their nest in the tree out back right now.
Hope you have a happy Easter!