Saturday, April 18, 2009

Adventures in Kelly-Land

Yep, life is always an adventure, right? At least it seems that way with my life.

Yesterday I was playing frisbee with the dogs in the backyard, enjoying the weather and sunshine. The dogs were having a great time running around too. Unfortunately, as I occasionally do, I threw the frisbee into the neighbours' yard. Not the uber-friendly, pleasant neighbours - no, that would have made life too easy. It was the cranky, solitary, unfriendly neighbours. No worries, though, as it didn't appear that anybody was home.

I went to the front of the house, opened their gate, and made my way through the little corridor to their yard. I was about to go around the house when I heard a chain jangle. A dog chain. Now, I had no idea that they had a dog (it's very quiet, I guess), so I had no idea if it was friendly or not. Scratch the idea of going through the yard - no longer feasible.

So I took the old dog Farley into the fire lane and cruised behind the houses. I could see the frisbee, just inside the fence. No skinny sticks to try and shove through the fence boards to try and manipulate the frisbee in any manner. But a lovely big, old tree. Good for climbing, or at least hanging onto while you get yourself over the fence. It wasn't pretty, and I can guarantee it wasn't graceful either, but I got myself over the fence and into the tree. I dropped into the yard, grabbed the frisbee, and climbed the tree to get back out. Action over for the day, I looked for Farley. His concern for his owner was overwhelming . . . I guess he figured I was gone, since I had disappeared, so he had started to make his way further down the laneway, checking out the good smells. His devotion is underwhelming LOL

I did learn two valuable lessons though - 31 year old bodies are not meant for climbing trees, especially when they're out of shape, and stop throwing the balls, frisbees and other toys over the damned fence!


Ange said...

It has been my experience, that balls and (particularly) frisbees inevitably find a way to go over the fence when its not possible to go and get them. I TOTALLY know what you're talking about. My kids will get a kick out of hearing about it do you wish you hadn't mentioned it in your blog? ;)

Visichy said...

ROFL! Great story. Farley is such a loyal companion tee hee hee.

Brenda said...

LOL!! ok, I have tears in my eyes from laughing. Why is it that the ball/frisbee's ALWAYS go under/over the fence into the not so nice neighbors yard? I'm glad to hear you made it out of the tree safely.