Monday, April 13, 2009

Interesting discovery . . .

Well, as those of you that have met him know, my young man Jack Jack is a pokey puppy when it comes to eating. No matter what kinds of things I've added to his food (canned food, baby food, gravy, supplements, etc) he has always been a slow eater, and he rarely finishes his meal. He's not a fat dog - in fact, he could stand to gain at least a pound - even though he eats 2 cups of food a day. That's twice what the other two eat!

As I do on every holiday, I took some of our meal and added it to the dogs' food. Last night they got some mashed turnips (my mom and I love 'em) and some cooked carrots, cut into small pieces (by my 4 year old niece, who started biting them into pieces when the knife wasn't cutting easily - OMG we laughed at that!). Well, to my shock (and great happiness) Jack Jack was the first one finished eating! I couldn't believe my eyes!

To see if it was just a "one of" occurrence, I gave them all the same thing tonight. Again tonight, he sucked down that meal like it was going to vanish if he didn't hurry. It's so awesome to know that he has a favourite food, although I'm kind of surprised it's turnips and carrots. But whatever, at least now I know what to tempt him with!

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Visichy said...

You could use it for bait in the show ring.... pull a big ol' turnip out of your pocket LOL.