Thursday, February 23, 2006

Little things

I was asked about my "new and improved" lifestyle. This is about the 10th time in a year I have tried to change my life for the positive. But this was brought about by more than my own desire, this has to do with those around me too. I have been really down and bitchy lately, and it was finally brought to my attention. So I made a promise to myself (and also to those I care about) that I would try and make my life better. Part of that is helping Billy be a better dog. And I'm not being facetious when I write that, either. He is a 6 month old puppy, so he is full of piss and vinegar, and our lifestyle wasn't working for him.

So I am trying to change. Not getting to the gym, unfortunately (damned gym membership cost an arm and a leg!) but taking Billy for a walk every day. If the weather is decent, Farley comes too. If it's too cold his knees get sore (he has slipping kneecaps and some resulting arthritis), but otherwise the walks are good for him. I'd estimate that we go for about 2 miles every day. In addition to that, I have changed my morning routine to suit Billy better (less time in the crate before I leave from work), and I am making a concerted effort to spend less time online. That one is tougher for me. My friends are online . . . therefore I spend a lot of time in my various web communities. But I think it's time to try and find a life outside the Internet. Gasp! Yes, there IS a life outside the Internet!

I am also trying to spend less money, especially on silly things. I will continue to try and find nice, old Cocker magazines. But no more buying things without thinking at least twice about them. The last of my impulsive purchases are trickling in, but then I'm cutting it way down. I have to - money is a real stressor for me, and I have to start managing things better. That is, unless I want to live at home until I'm 50. No thanks. That also means eating out less, which is another tough one for me. Not being a cook, eating out is just so much more convenient. But I am working really hard at avoiding fast food, and eating at home instead. I'm not putting a bunch of restrictions on my diet, but I am trying to slowly improve and change my eating habits. I figure if I take it just one step at a time, I might just succeed.

So that's the new and improved lifestyle. Will it work? I sure hope so. I do know that I can't continue on the path that I was on. I wasn't treating those close to me very well, and that includes my dogs. Their life has to be about more than watching me surf the 'Net for hours on end. So, more interaction, more play, and less surfing.

I wanted to comment on these dogs, and how damned smart they are. I definitely don't give Billy enough credit. He has been getting into the bathroom garbage and shredding the tissues in there (thank you Farley for teaching him that trick). I thought I'd be smart and put the garbage can on the toilet tank, where he can't reach it. Hah! Well, last night, as I was blogging and doing homework (which I did get done), he got smart. He grabbed the end of the toilet paper roll and shredded for all he was worth. He made a lovely, snowy mess, and was very proud of himself. How can you get mad at a dog for thinking so logically? I was proud. My mom was not as impressed with this display of brains.

Life is always fun with a Cocker Spaniel, that's for sure.

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Visichy said...

Congratulations on your new and improved lifestyle :) Sounds like it's all the for the better.

Hugs to the boys,