Friday, February 10, 2006

One of "those" days

Warning: This is NOT dog-related and is a very cranky post.

Have you ever had one of those days? For me, that's what it was. It didn't even start out well and go downhill, it just sucked all day long. And the evening has just begun. I actually had to hit snooze . . . which I almost never do. I practically had to use toothpics to keep my eyes open for the first few hours of the day. I hate the gritty eye feeling from not enough sleep. Might as well roll around on a beach with my eyes open.

I thought the shower would help. It probably would have helped had somebody upstairs not run the hot water TWICE. Cold showers are a horrific way to start the day. Ugh.

Then my ride to the all-day session for work was really late. I was going to toss a coin to decide whether she was too sick to go and forgot to call, or if she had just forgotten to pick me up. That was about the time she slid to a stop sort of in front of my house (very snowy and icy right now).

All day sessions for work are never good news. They're traditionally boring, and you spend the entire day thinking of what you could be doing at your desk instead. And today's session was no exception at all. And you can't let yourself fall asleep, because guaranteed EVERYBODY will see it. So I did lots of list-making, doodling and writing to keep myself awake. I wrote my first poem in years (actually a bright spot in this day) - that's how desperate I was.

Then I found out that the job I thought I'd have until about October 2006 is being cut short due to budget restraints, and I am being "restructured." That just sucks. I am so disappointed, and not looking forward to the change. My mother says I'm going into it with the wrong attitude, but I consider it more realistic than anything else. A lot of people were shocked and unhappy after the session ended, so at least I can take comfort that it wasn't just me. That's something I guess.

Hopefully tonight will be a bit better. My nieces are coming, so I will probably hide in the basement (horrible, I know, but the "child" gene passed me over by a mile) and maybe watch a movie. Still haven't watched Wedding Crashers, and it's been in my room for over a month. Maybe I will groom Farley - grooming always makes me feel better. Not so much for the dogs though.

Hope your day has been better . . . and hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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Visichy said...

Sorry your day sucked so bad. I hope the weekend picks up for you :)