Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A little help from above . . .

So, because I have been procrastinating as usual, I have two assignments due tonight that I had hardly started. I think a large part of my continual procrastination this semester has to do with my lack of understanding of the subjects I'm taking. I find both of them very challenging, thus the homework leaves me confused and frustrated. This means that I avoid the homework as much as possible. Is that a good strategy? No! But it is one I seem to use over and over again. Anyhow, I was thinking of taking today off work to get my homework done, but the Big Man above helped me out in a generous way today. We were actually told not to go into work today, because of an accident at site (no fatalities, thank goodness). A crane tipped over in one of the plants and so they spent last night and today working on removing the crane from the plant. And it meant a "snow day" for those of us that are non-essential on site.

So I have been butting my head against a brick wall for the better part of a day, trying to understand this homework. I finally gave in and emailed the prof, and I think his answer helped me figure it out (either that or I'm going to get an abysmal mark on this assignment). One down and one to go!

To celebrate the nice weather, and to work out some of my frustration, I took Billy and Farley for a walk. Sometimes I feel like I'm walking with Dumb and Dumber, because they just refuse to work together. I walk them on a coupler (a small contraption that turns one leash into two leashes, to make walking two dogs easier), and they insist on attempting to wind around me, go in different directions, and generally make me crazy. 90% of the time they're really good, and maybe it was just my frustration with school that made them seem bad today, but it was like a comedy of errors for 30 minutes. At least we made it through, and they should feel a bit refreshed from the nice weather. I know I do.

On that note . . . back to work! And maybe a small celebration of the fact that I am one week into my "new and improved" lifestyle, and still sticking to the plan!


Visichy said...

Way to go with the "new and improved" lifestyle. Care to share the details?

Let us know how you do on the school assignments. It sucks to be doing homework and working full time but it'll be so worth it when you have all those letters after your name :)

Monica said...

LOL! This entry cracked me up. Last semester I was taking Public Budgeting and was not interested in all in the subject. Keep in mind that the text was also for the "advanced" budget person (which I am not). Needless to say, me and my friends did the minimum and were knocking our heads together when we had to complete a semester long project that combined everything on the topic into one final project. We did great under pressure though.

I had the same problems taking Sami and Lizi for walks the first few times. Then I got the hang of how it had to work - two separate leashes and hold them like the reins of horse drawn cart. Works great! However, it is very complicating picking up poop.