Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Cone of Shame

Poor Farley has graduated to wearing the cone of shame. His incision is obviously really itchy, because he is chewing and licking at it like nobody's business. So out came the cone last night. I guess after I left for work this morning he stood in the kitchen howling - he refuses to actually move while he has the cone on.

Despite his huge level of embarassement, I can't resist sharing a couple of pictures . . . but he would prefer it if you didn't show all of your friends.

On the topic of Billy (aka Satan) - this dog is obsessed with me getting his puppy teeth! I now have EIGHT puppy teeth from this guy. Considering that I had never found a puppy tooth at all before, this is just amazing to me. I don't know what I can do with them . . . maybe make some kind of necklace? I was thinking of sending a couple to my best friend that teaches Grade 2. Maybe her students would enjoy seeing them.

Guess I should do some homework now. I didn't get it done last night :(

Over and out!

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