Thursday, March 02, 2006

Time Flies . . .

Well, I guess in my efforts to be online less, I am also posting less in my blog. Hmmm, there has to be a better way to balance that. Mind you, it has been a busy week too, so I've hardly been on the computer at all. Last night I did coat check (volunteer) for a dinner for this project I'm working on (UE-1). It was fun, but I was gone all night, so no time to check in at all. The dogs weren't terribly impressed with me.

Knock on wood, but it seems like Billy might slowly be getting the hang of potty training! He's still not giving me signals to go outside, but he's certainly having fewer accidents in the house. I attribute at least a part of that to the Belly Bands I use . . . if he pees, he wears it. Not an ideal (or sweet-smelling) solution, but it does the trick. But in the mornings I have been foregoing the Belly Band, and so far there have been no accidents for two days in a row! Progress - it's like the sweet smell of success, just in a smaller dose. I'm so proud of the little meathead!

He also learned how to get on the bed last night. For an adventurous dog, this has been a real struggle for him. He keeps trying to jump up from the side, but because my box spring is so tall, he just can't make it. Last night he jumped on the storage box at the foot of my bed, as if he's been doing it all along. Nicely done Billy! It just goes to show that he can learn, too!

So far he's learned quite a bit in the last month . . . he's learned to get on the bed, to unroll the toilet paper from the roll for entertainment, to lay down for grooming. Heck, his brain is probably bursting with all this new-ness! Those small moments of victory remind me that there is a good side to having puppies too, and that I should enjoy the small stuff, because it won't be long before these little moments fade to almost nothing.

Sorry today's post is sort of vague . . . I guess when I'm running on little sleep, my writing talent walks out the door. Have a good one!


Lyndarae said...

Thanks for helping Kelly, your a great friend. My adivce for the garbage and Billy is I bought little garbage cans at superstore, they have a sing lid and you can get them small, we bought them when we had Cassy there. They have worked for these boys. Sandra taought Flick with a bell, great idea, took Cajun a bit to catch on but Flick has been great at it. Filck also has been jumping up on our bed which is extremely high. Cajun and playing on the bed has given him determination to get up there and find out what all the fun is about. Have a great day.

Visichy said...

Life is never dull with Billy around, eh? LOL
Hugs to the boys :)

Monica said...

Enjoy puppyhood with Billy. I was so stressed out with school and trying to pottytrain Lizi that I didn't enjoy her as much as I would have liked to.