Sunday, February 19, 2006

The joys of a long weekend

Yes, it's a long weekend! Yahoo! And even better, my family is out of town, so the dogs and I have the house to ourselves. It's a rare treat and I think we're all enjoying it. Billy has had more freedom than he usually gets, since he's not bugging anybody but me, and I don't mind. It means he's sleeping like a log at night, which is fabulous. I actually got almost 9 hours sleep today, which was a huge treat!

Today was off-leash park day . . . 45 minutes of boundless fun in the snow. Thankfully it's actually not that cold, so it wasn't unpleasant to be standing around watching the dogs play. Two dogs got into a fight, and one moron was savagely punching his dog (I hope it was his dog!) in the head. No matter how many times I hear of things like that (this was my first time actually seeing it), I don't understand how somebody thinks that can actually break up a dog fight. When dogs are fighting, they're angry. Punching a dog in the head (repeatedly!) is only bound to make him more angry. Right? So now you're trying to separate two extremely irate dogs. I wanted to punch the owner in the head, but that surely wouldn't have solved anything. So I just watched, sadly. Thankfully Billy had the good sense to stay close to me, because he wouldn't have a clue how to handle a fight, and he'd most likely get slaughtered.

Despite the incident, he had a great time. He played with a little Terrier of some sort almost the whole time. They had a blast, running and wrestling like puppies. I don't know how old she is, but he is most definitely still a puppy :)

I brought him home afterwards and decided to bath him. He always gets all spitty and stuff at play day, so he almost always needs a bath when we get home. I decided this week to try and teach him to lay down for blowdrying. Anybody that has groomed a coated dog (especially an American Cocker) understands that blowdrying a dog while it's lying down makes life much easier. Anyhow, I have been putting off teaching Billy (AKA Satan, remember?) to lay down for grooming, because I thought it would be a real chore. He doesn't always agree with my ideas, since he thinks he knows better. But it was incredibly easy! I did about half of one side standing up, and then decided to just bite the bullet. I was VERY proud of him for how well he took it, and his coat looks much nicer now. By the time we make it to his first show, he'll be an old hat at this!

Guess I didn't need my friend to make the opening picture for me . . . thank you Karen deForest for your artistic talent! I firmly believe it suits Billy to a T, even with his good behavior today!

Anyhow, guess I should get some homework done and watch my movies . . . I rented "Red Eye" and "Must Love Dogs" so I'm looking forward to watching both!

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