Wednesday, February 15, 2006


So, after a weekend of intense soul-searching, I have decided that my attitude needs a SEVERE adjustment. I also need to make a lifestyle change. Too much sitting around, on the 'Net, and not enough get up and go. Well, I couldn't start anything for the past two nights, since I had to watch Westminster on TV. So I started tonight. Who in their right mind decides to start walking the dogs when it's 35 below (with windchill)? Obviously I'm not in my right mind.

Got home, grabbed Farley & Billy and some poop bags, and off we went. It was cold, but I figured we'd warm up as we started moving. Hah! It was so cold my face was burning. Poor Farley was miserable, trying to lift all four feet off the ground at once, to stop them from getting cold. Billy (Satan, remember) didn't seem fazed at all. I guess it's the hellfire burning within LOL We went for 25 minutes, and I'm sure my metabolism was working at least twice as hard, just to keep my body warm during that walk.

So now I'm actually doing the homework I wrote about on Sunday. Well, not this instant, but I'm about halfway done now. I was able to do the first bit quite easily, but the second bit has me stumped. So I'm taking a brain break and posting here. It's due Friday, so I'm still not pushing it last minute . . . which is good. Although I have to admit, I tend to work better under pressure. That's why I never seem to be able to get stuff done too far ahead of time.

Monday night was our last puppy class (Billy and I). I don't know what Billy's issue was, but he was sure full of himself. He spent more time struggling to play with the other puppies than paying attention to me. I know he's just a baby, but how can he ignore me when I'm frantically calling his name and waving food in front of his face? It boggles the mind! We will miss the puppy classes. We are signed up for another set of classes which start on March 7th . . . so in the meantime we are going to try and keep working on the obedience basics. I wasn't nuts about how this teacher taught heeling (far too advanced for puppies) so I am going to try Dawn Jecs' Choose To Heel method if I can figure it out. It's definitely based on positive reinforcement, so I need to introduce Billy to the clicker first of all. That shouldn't be hard at all.

Well, guess my break time is over . . . back to work! To those of you that actually read my chatter, thank you!

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Visichy said...

ROFL.... "the hellfire burning within". Thanks for the early morning chuckle :D