Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Procrastinating is fun and easy!

Ooooh, maybe I am getting the hang of writing in my blog more than once a month! Don't hold your breath girls and boys, it could just be a fad ;) It could be due to the fact that I have a homework assignment due tomorrow night that I have yet to start . . . in fact, I'm pretty sure that's it. There is just something about Statistical Decision Analysis that screams "Avoid me!" Don't you think?

Thanks for the comment about puppy housebreaking Vicky . . . I'm not sure Satan (errrr . . . Billy) is capable of learning. The little brat has started peeing in his kennel, and I'm pretty sure that means a lifetime of him just not getting it. Sigh. Good thing he's cute, otherwise he'd be turfed! (those of you that know me, know this is far from the truth)

Farley is starting to hate me. I won't let him jump on the bed. I won't let him scratch or chew at his incision. I won't let him play tug of war. I make him take horrible medications. I swear on every leash, collar and dumbbell I own that it's because I love him. But he just doesn't get it. That being said, it is so nice to see that spunk coming back.

We had week number four of puppy classes last night. I never thought I'd be the owner with the class clown, but alas, it is me! Billy spends more time barking at the other puppies to entice them to play than learning anything. He does a fabulous recall, as long as I allow him to stop for a visit along the way. I mean, he lives with me, so why come running? He's so funny during the play time. He makes a concerted effort to play with every puppy there, even if it's just for 15 seconds. At least he has a good temperament. I guess that's more important than a brain anyday.

Well, guess I should get down to business and do my homework. Sigh. Wish me luck . . .

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