Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vegas Day One

We're doing well and having fun. My cold has progressed from the painful stage (thank God!) to the snot-filled head stage. I can't breathe, and have to blow my nose every 5 minutes, but that's better than the pain. I picked up some great drugs at Walgreens that are helping. We also found rootbeer freezies!!!!!

Yesterday we went to Mandalay Bay and went through the Shark Reef . . . that was okay. I did get to pet a stingray, which was cool. We had lunch at the House of Blues. We went into the Luxor (the pyramid) and managed to get lost. We exited through the scuzziest stairwell I have ever seen. Maybe the seedy side of Vegas? We did the MGM Grand and looked at the lions there. I got some great pictures. We gambled in Mandalay Bay, the Luxor and MGM Grand. I'm down $30 . . . and I still haven't found any machines that are more than $1. I'm looking.

We went to M&M World and I got the cutest hoodie for my niece. I also got her a bag of orange M&Ms. No sugar-free ones, sorry! We went to the Coke store, which was very cool. We walked to Paris and walked around there for a bit. Then we were tired. Nicole's sister drove us to Fremont Street (old Las Vegas) and we watched the light show there and spent about 1/2 hour there. Then we came back to the condo and had supper. It was Pizza Hut, and the crust was SOOOO disappointing. Oh well.

Not sure what the game plan is for today, but I'm sure it holds many adventures for us!

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Brenda said...

It sounds like so much fun! I hope you start feeling better soon, Root Beer freezies sound good for a cold (on a scratchy throat)