Thursday, March 05, 2009

Okay, I lied

Never mind that whole "March is coming in like a lamb" thing . . . it's bloody cold outside, with wind and snow! Okay, Mother Nature, I call Uncle and you win . . . . now please just back off a bit and at least tempt us with dreams of spring.

On other topics, my Canine Good Neighbour class that I've been teaching is done. I am so impressed with the students I had - they all progressed so well and learned so much. We had a lot of fun playing obedience games last night. There were lots of laughs. No more CGN classes until the fall, so I get Wednesday nights free.


Visichy said...

I'm glad they went well. If you ever decide to relocate to sunny southern Alberta I'll take your classes for sure :) We are in desperate need of obedience instructors (there is only 1 and I don't agree with some of her policies)

Brenda said...

It's always bitter sweet for me when one of our classes end (and a lot of times I have Remi back into the beginners classes just for more socialization...he needs all he can get lol). I always have wondered if the instructors are glad a 6 week class is over.
If I could I would push some of our spring like air up to you. It feels nice, but I don't think winter is over yet.