Monday, March 09, 2009

So proud

A couple of weeks ago my dad got great news - his brother had been offered the position of Judge in the Court of Justice where he resides and works. This is a really big deal - only the right person for the job is chosen, after lots of interviews, references and a review of their work. Not just any lawyer can become a judge, it requires something special. We've all been really excited for my uncle.

Today the excitement got just slightly more palpable - today the official invitation to the swearing-in ceremony arrived in the mail. Unfortunately, we can't attend, because it's far away and in the middle of the week. But feeling the roughness of the official invitation, and seeing the formal cursive script just makes it seem more real.

My uncle really is an example of a kid that grew up in the middle of nowhere and worked his way up. He was never too proud to do hard labour, and he earned the money he needed to get through law school. Student loans weren't so readily available when he was in graduate school. I am so very proud of my uncle.


Brenda said...

your Uncle sounds like a great man, to work his way through life hard and honest to get to were he is today. I can see why you are so proud of him, that's a great accomplishment!

Visichy said...

That's awesome. It's great to be proud of someone like that in your family :)

Weeza said...

Hey that's awesome! If I ever do something illegal (and get caught, lol), I'll ask for him to be my judge. Then I'll ask him to be extra nice to me because I read your blog. :)